Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Fake News Triumphant

You know that disinformation has been successful when (“democratic”) socialists are described as “anti-establishment.”

A belief system that strives to further centralize power and increase authority over citizens lives through a massive expensive punitive bureaucracy is “anti-establishment [?]”

“...ignorance is strength.”

Saturday, July 21, 2018


Astrology and Psychoanalysis

My second attempt at self-publishing. Truth be told, this ebook is just a reworked blog post from my astrology blog but it was fun embellishing it and incorporating my own cover art and design.

Eventually I hope to write longer works, fiction, and maybe even address political issues 😱.

May the planets align well for you.

By the way. For what it’s worth, Donald Trump is “a Gemini” with Moon in Sagittarius and the planet Uranus prominent in his birth chart. What does that mean? Among other things, a very changeable, adaptable, and flexible personality - decidedly not “authoritarian.” The prominence of Uranus suggests an independent ground-breaking revolutionary personality.

“The Stars” do not favor the left’s delusions. In that sense, they denote the same conclusions as objective reality.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Heading for the Precipice

Warnings and speculation about a civil war in America are no longer curious prognostications. We’ve arrived. Virtually everyday, America’s — now socialist — Democrat party (they certainly can ‘t be called “Democratic”) concocts bizarre new claims and demands. After two years of finding zero evidence of “collusion” between the president and the Russian government, Trump met with the Russian president and a whole new elixir of paranoia emerges from leftland. The latest, utterly insane idea is a congressman’s demand that Trump’s translator testify before congress as to what our supposed “treasonous” president said to his supposed boss from Russia.

American Presidents actually do meet the leaders of Russia during the course of their tenure of office. What’s different this time is that an imaginary narrative exists that says Trump is a spy working for Russia. This of course flies in the face of every actual policy action by the Trump administration. What’s funny is that we are being told this crock of nonsense by people in media and government who have a long record of sympathy for America’s enemies.

The Obama CIA Director — a “former” communist (!) — is making his usual groundless claims of treason. A new socialist /Democrat candidate in New York is calling for Airports, immigration offices, and ports of entry to be “occupied.” An American member of congress and a few media clowns have actually more than suggested that the “shadow government” or military take over the government — a coup d' etat. These bizarre reactions to the deep state and Democrats’ recent legitimate losses are classic leftism. THIS IS WHAT THEY DO - always.

Can any objective observer not be aware of how such a mentality functions when it achieves power? Mass censorship, arrests, and eventually executions. As far-fetched as it sounds, there are many in the democrat party who would be comfortable literally seizing power and establishing tribunals for the execution of their opponents. Anyone who doesn’t believe that hasn’t been listening to the left’s talking points and isn’t aware of how these things play out in history.

With the active assistance of the establishment media, the deep state bureau parasites, and the tech industry (e.g. Google, Facecook, YouTube, et al.), the forces of totalitarian social planning are feeling lucky. They will make their move. How bold and how successful they will be can only be guessed at.

The absolutely surreal part in all of this is the catalyst, Donald Trump. There is absolutely nothing particularly extreme or unusual about any of his actions to date. Half the political spectrum believes in strong national borders, low taxes, and less regulation, etc. No doubt, the left would have pulled this nonsense if Barry Goldwater had won in 1964 but they wouldn’t have gotten very far with it back then. In an earlier time we hadn’t fostered a generation of pampered fools raised on social media and late night comedy.

For the millionth time; this is happening now because the left had almost achieved the full control they’ve been striving for and now their project is being unraveled before their eyes. It is because they are now losing when they were so close to winning.

This is what a Jacobin temper-tantrum looks like. ‘Not pretty... and it’s going to get uglier, real fast.

Monday, July 16, 2018


Facts...and “Idiots”

This guy says it all. I love it when the word “revolution” is used with it’s actual meaning and context. Donald Trump is the closest thing to a real revolution that we’ve had in a long time. “Resistence” isn’t revolution and another warmed-over socialist bureau-coup d’etat is the the farthest thing from it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018



Leftism is the gift that just keeps on giving.

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